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"Having good tools to work with can make a difference. I found that it was good to take some time to fine tune our communication. Even though we have had many bumps in the journey and have been very successful at navigating through it I like having some more tools in the tool box. I also liked the fact that there were many opportunities to practice while in class so if you had a question about the application we got help on the spot. There was good information which can help any couple have a smoother relationship."- DrB Shapero
"Craig's approach is gentle, honest, and deep. His goal, as I've gotten to know him as a therapist and individual over two years, is to always be curious about others' motivations, non-judgmental, and to see that which is perfect in each of us. This overarching, ego-free style permeates all interactions, and helps us as couples operate at OUR most full potential when with him. Sessions are extremely effective, with concrete tips, implementable practices, and connecting better. Extremely highly recommended!"- Hilary Taylor
"Craig and Nicole's class is a great way to learn about taking your relationship to the next level. Really glad we took it."- Steve
"Craig is a lifesaver. He has an easygoing personality, is fair to both parties, and does a good job helping couples to come to an understanding that is less confrontational, more of a journey. I could not recommend anybody better for a relationship that could use some shoring up and a shared vision/ destination."- Travis C.
"If you are looking to enhance your relationship this is a very good workshop to take. Getting married or being in a committed relationship prior to marriage takes effort on both sides. Having the right tools and knowing many of the right questions to ask yourself and that special person you are with can make a huge difference. I enjoyed the fact that this was certainly a hands on on workshop so you will have ample opportunity to try out the techniques recommended and you can get help right on the spot. Very good tools to learn."- Dr. Bradley S.



Craig Lambert is a San Diego marriage therapist helping couples strengthen their relationships and improve communication. A couples counselor for more than 30 years, Craig Lambert, LCSW, has helped hundreds of frustrated, hurting couples gain new understanding of themselves, their partners and even the world around them. Proven, gentle strategies like Mindfulness exercises and Imago Therapy let individuals recognize when they’re bringing issues from past relationships—and particularly their family of origin—into present relationships. Craig’s clients gain new insights, relief and peace when they understand the often unconscious underpinnings of relationship conflict. Find out how Craig can help you improve your relationship!